Estate Planning Services

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Comprehensive estate planning services tailored to your specific needs including:

What Is An Estate Plan?

In its simplest terms, an estate plan is a written document that provides instructions for the management and disposition of your assets and/or care for your minor children after you are incapacitated or die. Estate plans that are created thoughtfully will also minimize tax burdens to you and your family.

Why Estate Planning Is Necessary

The creation of a will and/or trust allows you to remain in control. Without either of these documents, the courts are given the power to decide what happens to your assets and your property — such as life insurance accounts, retirement accounts, bank accounts, your home and your car — and/or your minor children after you are incapacitated or die. This court-driven process is called probate. Probate is expensive, lengthy and public. Perhaps more importantly, the decisions made by the courts often deviate from what your actual wishes may be. By engaging in the estate planning process, you retain control over these very important decisions.

Who Needs An Estate Plan?

Everyone needs an estate plan. Estate plans are not just for wealthy individuals. If you do not put a plan in place for your assets and/or minor children after your death, the California legislature has devised a plan for you. This plan is what is commonly referred to as “intestate succession” — meaning your property will pass to your heirs according to California law. This process is public, expensive, and gives control to California courts who will ultimately make these decisions about what happens to your assets and/or your minor children.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Estate Planning requires a meticulous approach to ensure your goals are implemented with the least amount of financial impact to you — now, and in the future. Courtney approaches your estate plan holistically, consulting with your tax advisers, wealth management and insurance professionals to make sure your plan provides the greatest asset protection possible and cannot be challenged.